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Barkin Dog Duathlon

The Barkin Dog Duathlon

5K Run, 30K Bike, 5K Run

Hosted by: Racing Underground

Held May 13th at Cherry Creek Reservoir, Colorado.

All photos are broken down into groups and listed in the order and time frame that the athlete
passed the photographer. There are multiple shots of every racer from each segment on course.
Check out each segment of the race!

Run Bike Run
Start Beginning of Bike As You Enter the Expo/Food Area
1st 3 Waves 8:08-8:24 9:05-9:22
Last 3 Waves


  8:29-8:34 9:28-9:41
  8:34-8:41 9:41-9:55
  8:41-8:48 9:55-10:24
Only a Few Riders

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