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Eldora Trek Saturday Session 1

Eldora Trek Alpine and Snowboard Program
4-12 year olds

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Time of Shoot Instructor Time of Shoot Instructor
9:40 Matt Buffone 12:50 Gus Schoengut
9:50 Shaun Burhoe / Paula 1:00 Freestyle Snowboarders / Alex
10:00 Laura MacGregor 1:10 Ken Ray
10:10 Elizabeth (Libby) McCaffrey 1:20 Henry Bremers
10:20 Erik Hofvander 1:30 Bob Shapiro
10:30 Michael Shapiro 1:40 Bobski
10:40 Mari Oskey 1:50 Bob Correy
10:50 Eammon McNaughton 2:00 Lauren Bond
11:00 Kelly Queensland / Cody 2:10 Rick Pruitt
11:10 Andy Wasgatt 2:20 Amber Kenyon
11:20 Brad Cole    

Only half of the groups are listed above.
The other half of the groups were shot on February 5th.

2nd Half of Saturday Session 1 Trek Photos

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